Important Update: well, it seems the perfect storm has hit OMG and we’re going to have to slim down our summer hours quite a bit.

First, since we lost all our ice cream during the power outage, it requires a LOT of time to run 12-plus batches of ice cream and my back won’t withstand that much time on my feet.

Second, arthritis in my back has kicked up so bad, I’m not able to make it more than a 4 hour block making ice cream or running the shop, so trying to catch up on ice cream really is an uphill battle.

Thirdly, while trying to be efficient in running ice cream, I tried using my smaller mixer and found out that the power outage has blown the compressor, so I’m not able to use it.

I need time to recuperate my back and make ice cream, so we’re going to have to reduce our Summer days/hours to as follows:

🕒 Saturday, June 15 to pick up pints for Father’s Day
🕒 Saturday, June 29 for Bluegrass on Ballard
🕒 Saturday, July 3 for 4th of July
🕒 Friday, August 9 for my birthday

I appreciate your support of OMG Creamery while I take time to get healthy and make ice cream as my back allows.

For updates, please follow us on Facebook for additional open dates later in the summer as hopefully we get the arthritis and lower back pain under control.
-Ken, head ice cream churner